Xerox Digital Alternatives

Simplify personal document workflows and collaboration as organizations transition to fully-digital ways of working.

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Our Mission

  • Help organizations optimize and automate key business processes.
  • Help knowledge workers simplify and streamline their personal and office work experiences.

Solution for Supply Chain Optimization

Digitize and automate paper-based processes throughout your retail distribution center and store operations.

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Solution for HR Onboarding

Manage the process of onboarding new employees with increased speed and accuracy.

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Xerox DocuShare 7

Mobile, intuitive and cloud-enabled ECM that provides any organization with the flexibility and tools to be more productive, immediately.

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How to Optimize Your Supply Chain

The Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Supply Chain Optimization removes error-prone and costly manual steps from retail inventory management, helping to reduce labor costs, streamline invoice reconciliation and improve fill rates.

Luton & Dunstable Hospital, UK

With millions of patient records, Luton & Dunstable Hospital’s paper health records system presented many challenges and costs – from physical space, finding records in a timely manner, and sharing records across multiple clinicians, to delays in care as clinicians waited for records. To reduce costs and improve efficiency, L&D transitioned to electronic health records and a full paperless system through a successful partnership with Xerox.


Higher Education

Around the globe, the higher education infrastructure has become a critical component of economic recovery. At the same time, institutions are struggling under the combined weight of shifting student populations and reduced funding. Some key challenges faced by colleges and universities include:

  • Fiscal Constraints
  • Student Enrollment
  • Technology Demands
  • Retention and Graduation Rates
  • Alumni and Donor Support
  • Sustainability

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Working with Xerox

We at Xerox are knowledgeable about documents and workflows; we also know that your business is unique. Our engagement process includes qualitative and quantitative assessments to uncover your unique processes so we can deliver a best-of-breed solution for you. From initial engagement and design, to deployment and rollout, to training and ongoing support, Xerox will be with you every step of the way.

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Working with Xerox